Our Mission

HR Jazz offers world class jazz performance, artistic, and educational experiences to entertain, inspire, and enrich the cultural landscape of the Hampton Roads region.

Our Vision

The Hampton Roads region will be known for its world class jazz offerings and a sought out destination for those seeking to experience jazz in performance and educational settings.

Hampton Roads Jazz Incorporated is a non profit organization that is dedicated to preserving, promoting and presenting jazz in performance and educational contexts. Our mission is all things jazz and HR Jazz will bring some of the world’s greatest jazz musicians to the Hampton Roads area to perform, teach and enlighten those in the seven cities.

HR Jazz will sponsor and produce educational programs such as masterclasses, lectures, clinics and showcases aspiring Hampton Roads jazz student musicians. HR Jazz has a vision for this great music here in Hampton Roads.

Jae Sinnett of Hampton Roads Jazz Inc.

Meet Jae Sinnett – President of HR Jazz Inc

For almost 40 years Jae has been involved in jazz as a musician/drummer, jazz educator, clinician and jazz radio host/producer for the Sinnett in Session jazz radio show on WHRV FM 89.5. Most of his professional adult life has been working in the jazz industry in many capacities. During this time, Jae has produced numerous jazz concerts and jazz educational events throughout the Hampton Roads area that featured world class artists and jazz educators.

HR Jazz wants to bring this music into underserved communities and seek out aspiring young, incredibly diverse musical jazz students, to teach and showcase their amazing talents.

HR Jazz is Jae’s vision of an organization devoted to the perseverance and presentation of jazz in the seven cities communities here in Hampton Roads. We hope that you will join us on this exciting and challenging new mission! With your support we can continue to promote, preserve and present the incredibly hip, cool, sophisticated and soulful world of jazz. Thank you!